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Garlic Festival - Photo Credit: Paul Henderson2012 - The Chilliwack Progress Newspaper Article about our business.

Aaron and Noella started out making Artisan breads for the Chilliwack Farmers Market, but found a need for fresh wholesome vegetables.  They believe that healthy soil equals a healthy crop. They brought in seven dump truck loads of organic compost to help amend the soil. Along with the compost they use organic fertilizer. On their farm they don’t spray any chemicals and use organic practices instead.

Together they grow a large variety of plants to encourage beneficial insects and pollinators. All of the seed purchased is no GMO, untreated and certified organic. Over the last few years Aaron and Noella have been studying books and attending seminars to expand their existing knowledge about growing plants.

The family farm is called Ossome Acres and it has been in their family for five generations. In total the farm is 29 acres in size.  It started out as a Dairy farm and then a Beef farm. In 2010 there was another major change to our family which has started a transition from the previous generation to the next. Being the oldest of four boys, Aaron and his wife Noella decided to convert a hay field into a one acre vegetable garden.

Up until the month of May 2011, Aaron and Noella were just planning on using the garden as a secondary income. Then, Aaron was laid off from his full time job as a welder. So they decided to plant more! Their passion has increased as they see a major need for wholesome vegetables in our local community. Along with recieving the wonderful feedback from that community. They were part of three local farmers markets and supplied two local grocery stores. This year they implemented a CSA program which builds a relationship with the farmer and consumer.

2016 - 2017 Ossome Acres has continued to developed its CSA harvest box program, now in its 7th Season. Along side the program Ossome Acres has expanded into several Vancouver Farm markets. (See events page for up to date locations).

Aaron and Noella's passion for growing orgainically has led the to complete an application to become a Certified Organic farm. The Certification application was filed in 2016 with BCARA and they have granted them third year transitonal status.